WPC Composite Decking Boards, Fence Panels

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is made of 50% wood powder, 30%HDPE(high density polyethylene), 10% PP(polyethylene plastic), and 10% additive agent, including coupling agent, lubricant, anti-uv agent, color-tag agent, fire retardant, and antioxidant. WPC composite decking not only has real wood texture, but also has longer service life than real wood and requires little maintenance

WPC Composite Decking, Decking Boards, WPC Fencing, Fence Panels

WPC composite decking (Decking boards) & fencing (Fence panel), formed of WPC (Wood plastic composite) - a combination of recycled plastic and wood fibres. Because WPC has following good performance: high pressure resistance, weather resistance, scratch resistance, waterproof, and fireproof, WPC composite decking and fencing has long service life compared to other decking and fencing. That's why wpc composite decking and fencing is wisely used at outdoor environment, such as gardens, parks, patios, seaside, residential housing, gazebo, balcony, and so on

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Hot Sale Products

D-150X25B: Standard:150x25mm

WPC 3D Online Embossed Wood Grain Decking

MD-080X48: Standard:80X48mm

Durable WPC Fence Garden Decoration

MD-140X20: Standard:140x20mm

Hot Sale Inexpensive WPC Composite Decking

MD-140X25S: Standard:140X25mm

Solid Floor WPC Decking

MD-147X25: Standard:147X25mm

Hot Sale WPC Hollow Outdoor Decking

MD-150X25H: Standard:150x25mm

Hot Sale WPC Hollow Outdoor Decking

MD-150X25K: Standard:150x25mm

Hot Sale Outdoor WPC Solid Decking

WPC Outdoor Decking

MD-100X13: Standard:100X13mm

Lumber, Composites Decking, Patio Decking

MD-100X25: Standard:100X25mm

Composite Decking, Composite Deck Materials

MD-100X25C: Standard:100X25mm

Eco Friendly WPC Solid Decking Board

MD-100X25K: Standard:100X25mm

WPC Outdoor Composite Decking

MD-100X40: Standard:100X40mm

Composite Decking For Residential

MD-105X30H: Standard:105X30H

Floor Covering For Outdoor Porches

MD-125X23B: Standard:125X23mm

100% Recycled Decking

MD-125X23K: Standard:125X23mm

Composite Decking For Commercial

MD-133X23: Standard:133X23mm

Eco Friendly WPC Solid Decking 100% Recycled

MD-135X25: Standard:135X25mm

Hollow Composite Decking

MD-138X38: Standard:138X38mm

Interlocking Outdoor Decking Boards

MD-140X20: Standard:140x20mm

Hot Sale Inexpensive WPC Composite Decking

MD-140X23B: Standard:140X23mm

Eco-Friendly Composite Wood Decking

MD-140X25: Standard:140X25mm

Hot Sale WPC Hollow Decking

MD-140X25A: Standard:140X25mm

Building Material WPC Solid Decking

MD-140X25D: Standard:140X25mm

140x25mm Outdoor WPC Solid Decking Flooring

MD-140X25K: Standard:140X25mm

Hot Sale WPC Solid Exterior Decking

MD-140X25S: Standard:140X25mm

Solid Floor WPC Decking

MD-140X35A: Standard:140X35mm

Plastic Composite Solid WPC Decking Board

MD-140X40A: Standard:140X40mm

WPC Wood Grain Solid Outdoor Decking

MD-140X40A: Standard:140X40mm

Outdoor Decking, Patio Ideas for Backyards

MD-140X40C: Standard:140X40mm

Composite Outdoor Decking Materials

MD-146X24: Standard:146X24mm

Hot Sale WPC Tooth Outdoor Decking

MD-146X30A: Standard:146X30mm

WPC Solid Board Decking

MD-146X30B: Standard:146X30mm

WPC Tooth High Quality Outdoor Decking

MD-150X25D: Standard:150X25mm

Modular Portable Outdoor Patio Decking

MD-150X25H: Standard:150x25mm

Hot Sale WPC Hollow Outdoor Decking

MD-150X25K: Standard:150x25mm

Hot Sale Outdoor WPC Solid Decking

MD-150X25T: Standard:150x25mm

Fireproof WPC Composite Decking Board

MD-150x30: Standard:150x30mm

Waterproof WPC Composite Solid Decking

MD-150X30K: Standard:150x30mm

Eco Friendly WPC Solid Board

MD-150X50A: Standard:150x50mm

WPC Solid Core Composite Outdoor Decking

MD-180X30: Standard:180x30mm

High Pressure Resistant Wood WPC Decking

MD-200X20K: Standard:200x20mm

Fireproof Solid Composite Decking Board

MD-300X13: Standard:300x13mm

WPC Thin Outdoor Decking Easy Maintenance

MD-50X50A: Standard:50X50mm

WPC Decking, Composite Decking Boards

MD-60X40: Standard:60X40mm

WPC Decking For Outdoor Spaces

MD-70X30: Standard:70X30mm

Wood plastic composite deck boards

MD-72X22: Standard:72X22mm

Outdoor Decking Boards

MD-80X40A: Standard:80X40mm

WPC Wood plastic composite decking boards

MD-90X20: Standard:140x20mm

90X20mm WPC Composite Decking Boards

WPC Co-Extrusion Decking

WPC 3D Online Embossed Decking

D-150X25B: Standard:150x25mm

WPC 3D Online Embossed Wood Grain Decking

WPC Fence/Railing

MD-080X48: Standard:80X48mm

Durable WPC Fence Garden Decoration

MD-100X100: Standard:100X100mm

Waterproof WPC Railing Post

MD-120X120: Standard:120X120mm

Durable WPC Railing

MD-140X140: Standard:140X140mm

Wood Plastic Composite Railing

MD-150X150: Standard:150x150mm

WPC Composite Railing Post

MD-200X200: Standard:200X200mm

Rot Proof Outdoor WPC Railing Post

MD-48X48: Standard:48X48mm

WPC Railing Post

MD-50X50B: Standard:50X50mm

Outdoor WPC Garden Railing

MD-98X50C: Standard:98X50mm

Hot Sale WPC Railing Handrail


MD-300X300X23: Standard:300X300X23mm


WPC Pergola/Gazebo

MD-140X140: Standard:140X140mm

WPC Pergola Garden Gazebo

MD-150xX35B: Standard:150X35mm

Beautiful Garden Pergola Pavillion

MD-155X50: Standard:155X50mm

Hot Sale WPC Garden Pergola

MD-180X80: Standard:180X80mm

Weatherproof WPC Gazebo Pavilion

MD-200X200: Standard:200X200mm

Wood Plastic Composite Pergola

WPC Accessories

MD-40X30: Standard:40X30mm

WPC Joist Anti Pressure 40X30mm

MD-40X40A: Standard:40X40mm

Waterproof WPC Joist

MD-50X30: Standard:50X30mm

WPC Composite Joists

MD-55X55: Standard:55X55mm

Edge Banding For Decking Installation

MD-60X25: Standard:60X25mm

WPC Decking Bearers

MD-PC20/25/35: Standard:20mm/25mm/35mm/

Plastic Clips For WPC Decking Installation

MD-SSC304 SSS20/25/35: Standard:20mm/25mm/35mm/

WPC Stainless Steel Clip and Screw

MD-SSC304 SSS20/25/35: Standard:20mm/25mm/35mm/

WPC clip for co-extrusion decking

MD-SSC304 SSS35: Standard:20mm/25mm/35mm/

Stainless Steel Clip and Screw

MD-SSC304B SSS20/25/35: Standard:20mm/25mm/35mm/

Stainless steel hidden deck screws and clips


1. What material does composite decking and other wpc products made of?

2. What is the ratio of polymer, wood filler and additives in your WPC products?

Composite Decking & WPC products Common Q&A

3. Where does wood plastic composite decking can be used?

Composite decking and wpc products are widely used outdoor, such as gardens, parks, seaside path, villa courtyard, balcony.

4. What strength does composite decking have?

Composite decking(WPC decking) and other WPC products are waterproof, fire proof, corrosion resistant, weather resistant, pressure resistant, and requires little maintenance, so composite decking and other wpc products are suitable to be used outdoor.

5. What is the service life of composite decking?

Composite Decking & WPC products Common Q&A

6. How to prevent composite decking from color fading ? What is the degree of fading?

All Wood plastic composite products will fade when exposing to sun and weathering. In order to decrease the degree of fading, we add Anti-UV additive agent, which greatly reducing the degree of fading. At the first 3 months after being put outside environment, composite decking will fade 5-10% percent of original color, but it doesn’t influence it’s performance, and makes the decking look more naturally like color of real wood. Later, the color will stay in a stable situation.

7. How to maintain WPC product?

WPC products have good performance in outdoor environment, and they don’t need special maintenance. Customers can clean WPC products periodically with soapy water.

8. What factors should be considered during composite decking installation?

The gap between each joist should be no more than 35cm (30cm gap is good). Besides, because of drainage, cleaning, and thermal expansion and contraction, 3mm gap should be left between each edge of each board. (As shown in the picture)

Composite Decking & WPC products Common Q&A

9. What are the standard lengths of WPC composite decking

Standard length:2.2m /2.9m/ 3.6m(no more than 4 meters) We recommend customers 2.2m match 3.6m or 2.9m because these lengths can use the space of the container effectively without waste, which is practical for customers.

10. What certificates does your company offer when purchasing your WPC product?

We have CE, FSC, ISO14001, ISO9001, Interek, ASTM, CEC certifications and 117 patents.

11. What is the package of composite decking and wpc products?

We use three-ply wood pallets and PVC soft film.

12. How many boards can be loaded into a standard 20' container? For a size 25 х 140 x 2900 mm, for example.

We can load 800sq.m (1971pcs) of 25x140x2900 , joist and accessories in 20’ container.

WPC Decking & Fencing Knowledge

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