Why Choose Composite Fence For Garden, Stud Farm, and Yards

Why Choose Composite Fence For Garden, Stud Farm, and Yards?

Recently, composite fence (WPC Fence) has been favored by people around the world for decorating private garden or commercial districts. Because of it’s better durability and life-span, composite fencing can create a more comfortable and personal relaxing space for you, keeping you away from outside bothers.

In this article, we will show you every information about composite fence, so guiding you to choose the composite fence that suits your needs!

1.What Is Composite Fence Made Of ?

Composite fencing is made of compound particles of wood powder,plastic and additives. Composite fence combines stability and the natural beauty of real wood and waterproofing quality of vinyl.

  • Strength Of Composite Fence

Due to it’s water resistance, wind resistance and corrosion resistance, composite fence has longer life span than real wood and need no maintenance. Normally, one to two times of cleaning is good enough. Besides, composite fences are 100% recyclable and environmental friendly, so causing no harm to people’s health. Therefore, you can choose them to used as stud farms, fences, gates, doors, yards, and cottages. We have six normal colors for you to choose, or if you have preferred colors, we can also customize for you.

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