3D Embossed Composite Decking

Why Choose 3D Embossed Composite Decking?

What is 3D Embossed Composite Decking?

3D Embossed Composite Decking is also one type of WPC Decking, which is made of wood fiber, HDPE, PP and additives. It’s a very good substitute for real wood in outdoor environment, because of it’s water resistance, corrosion resistance, slip resistance and long life span. Besides, 3D embossed composite decking also keeps the vivid natural appearance and wood texture of timber, so that satisfying customer’s demand for beauty.

Because 3D Embossed Composite Decking is durable, eco friendly, and safe, it can be applied in many public spaces.

Application Scenarios of 3D Embossed Composite Decking

1.Any residential and commercial space

2.Gardens, balconies, walkways, corridors, terraces, spa, and swimming pool

3.Hotels, plaza, coffe bars, shopping malls, airports, schools, and hospitals

4.Benches, flower box, stairs