How To Clean WPC Decking

How To Clean WPC Composite Decking Flooring

WPC decking is a very popular choice as outdoor decoration for home’s porch and yard, due to it’s superior corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance. In this guidance, we will guide customers how to clean your WPC decking.

Regular cleaning enables to prolong the durability and nice looking of your WPC decking. Without cleaning, there would be stains and mildew, making the surface slippery, thus causing danger.

First, sweep the surface of WPC decking by broom with soft bristles or by leaf blower.

Second, apply warm water mixing with cleaning detergent on the surface of WPC decking and use soft brush to scrub the stain,mold and mildew. It should be noted that please carefully follow the recommended instructions of the cleaning detergent to ensure safety and correct application. Some cleaning detergent could be applied to the decking surface directly, while others might need to be diluted with water. Wrong application methods might harm WPC decking.

Third, use a high-pressure water gun to rinse the WPC surface to wash away stains.

Finally, let WPC decking filter out the excess water.