Hollow Decking VS Solid Decking: How Do You Choose

Hollow Decking VS Solid Decking: How Do You Choose?

Many customers would ask question that which type of composite decking should they choose? Solid decking or hollow decking? In this article, we would introduce the core differences between them, so guiding you to opt for the suitable one.


Solid composite decking has more strength because of the highly intensive amount of material used. Thus, solid decking suits for more applications in decking projects, especially in high footfall commercial environments, such as hiking walkway, park corridor, piers and so on. Comparatively, Hollow decking is generally more suitable for low footfall decking projects, such as personal balcony, residential gardens.

2.Water Resistance

Solid composite decking has better performance in resisting water, because there’s no holes in it and water will be dripped off by the edge of the board. Hollow composite decking on the other hand will accumulate water in their hole spaces after rain or cleaning. With long time of combined affect of water accumulation and heat from the sun, hollow composite decking will have less life span. Therefore, we recommend customer to use hollow composite decking in area with less rain and mild climate. If you want be rest assured, solid composite decking is definitely your best choice.


Our solid composite decking weights more than hollow decking because of more amount of material used. Normally, one piece of solid composite decking weights 1.3 to 1.6 times as much as a piece of hollow composite decking. Thus, hollow composite decking is easier to be installed because of lighter weight. Customers can install hollow decking in their own garden or balcony by themselves.


Hollow composite decking has comparatively lower price than solid composite decking, because it weights lighter, using less material, which offering customers more economical choices. No matter which type of composite decking you choose, we will always offer you products with premium quality and nice look.


If you still can’t make up your mind and have questions, you are very welcome to contact us for professional suggestions. Besides, you can get free samples for reference before purchase.

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