Wood Plastic Composite Tiles,WPC Deck Tiles,DIY Tiles, Garden Tiles

What is composite deck tile?

Wood Plastic Composite Tiles, WPC Deck Tiles, DIY Tiles, Garden Tiles

WPC DIY tile is a 100% percent Eco-friendly product with vivid wood texture looking, which is made 50% wood powder, 30%HDPE(high density polyethylene), 10% PP(polyethylene plastic), and 10% additive agent, including coupling agent, lubricant, anti-uv agent, color-tag agent, fire retardant, and antioxidant, so the service life is longer than real wood.

Besides, the most outstanding strength of WPC DIY tiles is easy installation. Customer don’t need any accessories that used during decking installation. DIY tiles can be installed like jigsaws.

Meidian composite deck tile



  • Standard:300X300X23mm
  • Profile:Solid
  • Type: Traditional WPC

WPC Decking is composed of natural wood powder, plastic and additives in a certain proportion with wood grain texture. WPC Decking is 100% ECO-Friendly product with many advantages: anti-corrosion, weather resistance anti-UV, anti-scratch, anti-pressure etc. Compared to real wood, composite decking has much longer service life and is easy to maintain.

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