WPC Outdoor Decking, Composite Deck Flooring, WPC Outdoor Flooring

WPC Outdoor Composite Decking Flooring Boards

WPC stands for wood plastic composite, which has become the trend of modern decoration.
WPC outdoor composite decking flooring Boards is widely used densely-populated areas, such as parks, pools, seaside resorts, waterfront pavements, home, outdoor facilities, etc.

What is WPC Composite Outdoor Decking?

WPC Outdoor Composite Decking Flooring Boards
WPC Composite Decking

WPC Outdoor Composite Decking Flooring is composed of natural wood powder, plastic and additives in a certain proportion. WPC Decking is a 100% eco-friendly product with many advantages: waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-UV, anti-scratch, anti-pressure etc, so WPC outdoor composite decking flooring has much longer service life than real wood decking. WPC outdoor composite decking flooring doesn’t need manual maintenance and WPC composite decking is much more cheaper than real wood decking. WPC not only has natural wood texture and wood grain, but also can be customized with different colors according to your own preference…

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How to install outdoor wpc outdoor composite decking boards?

WPC Outdoor Composite Decking Flooring Boards
WPC Decking Installation

About Space/Span Between Two Joists:

On general condition, the joist span would be no more than 35cm when fixing WPC decking floor, each board requires at least 3 joists. The joist span is decided by board thickness. For example, we should take the wall thickness, board thickness into consideration if fixing hollow decking floor , as it would be influence the joist span directly.

10 Steps for wpc composite decking installation

1.Drill holes on the concrete ground, put the expansion screws into the holes without exposing, see as below image:

WPC Outdoor Composite Decking Flooring Boards
WPC Decking installation guide

2.The space between the joist interface and wall head is necessary, the joist should be put in crisscross to avoid the joist interfaces in the same line.

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WPC Outdoor Composite Decking Flooring Installation Video

How to clean wpc outdoor decking?

WPC Outdoor Composite Decking Flooring Boards
wpc composite outdoor decking

What’s the best way to clean wpc composite decking?

Wood-plastic-composite decking flooring is mainly used in outdoor environments. After exposure to the sun, rain, and wind, moss will inevitably grow on the surface over time, which seriously affects the aesthetics.

How to clean wpc composite decking flooring? In fact, very simple, a pot of water, a little cleaning agent, a steel ball, just three, your WPC decking will become clean and beautiful.

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What is co extruded decking?

WPC Outdoor Composite Decking Flooring Boards
Co-Extruded Composite Decking, WPC Co Extrusion Board

Meidian plastic wood co-extrusion decking uses the most advanced polymer protective layer 360-degree full coverage technology. The surface of co extruded decking is covered by plastic comprehensively, with beautiful wood grain texture at the same time. As a result, co extruded decking has 5 times higher wear resistance, and the water absorption of co extruded decking is 0%.

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What is deep embossed composite decking?

3D Embossed Decking, WPC Composite Decking
3D Embossed Decking, WPC Composite Decking

3D deep embossed composite decking is a revolutionary product compared to first generation composite decking, because the embossing process is not from thermo print but pressure print, which makes the wood grain deeper, looks more vividly. Besides, the wood grain and color will last much longer: at least 5-8 years.

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#FAQ: Composite Decking & WPC products Common Q&A

1. What material does composite decking and other wpc products made of?

Our wpc decking is made of HDPE+PP(polypropylene plastic), wood fiber and additive agents.

2. What is the ratio of polymer, wood filler and additives in your WPC products?


3. Where does wood plastic composite decking can be used?

Composite decking and wpc products are widely used outdoor, such as gardens, parks, seaside path, villa courtyard, balcony.

4. What strength does composite decking have?

Composite decking(WPC decking) and other WPC products are waterproof, fire proof, corrosion resistant, weather resistant, pressure resistant, and requires little maintenance, so composite decking and other wpc products are suitable to be used outdoor.

5. What is the service life of composite decking?


6. How to prevent composite decking from color fading ? What is the degree of fading?

All Wood plastic composite products will fade when exposing to sun and weathering. In order to decrease the degree of fading, we add Anti-UV additive agent, which greatly reducing the degree of fading. At the first 3 months after being put outside environment, composite decking will fade 5-10% percent of original color, but it doesn’t influence it’s performance, and makes the decking look more naturally like color of real wood. Later, the color will stay in a stable situation.

7. How to maintain WPC product?

WPC products have good performance in outdoor environment, and they don’t need special maintenance. Customers can clean WPC products periodically with soapy water.

8. What factors should be considered during composite decking installation?

The gap between each joist should be no more than 35cm (30cm gap is good). Besides, because of drainage, cleaning, and thermal expansion and contraction, 3mm gap should be left between each edge of each board. (As shown in the picture)

9. What are the standard lengths of WPC composite decking

Standard length:2.2m /2.9m/ 3.6m(no more than 4 meters) We recommend customers 2.2m match 3.6m or 2.9m because these lengths can use the space of the container effectively without waste, which is practical for customers.

10. What certificates does your company offer when purchasing your WPC product?

We have CE, FSC, ISO14001, ISO9001, Interek, ASTM, CEC certifications and 117 patents.

11. What is the package of composite decking and wpc products?

We use three-ply wood pallets and PVC soft film.

12. How many boards can be loaded into a standard 20′ container? For a size 25 х 140 x 2900 mm, for example.

We can load 800sq.m (1971pcs) of 25x140x2900 , joist and accessories in 20’ container.